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The Three Keys of Spellcasting

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

There are Three Keys of Spellcasting that you need to learn and use to make your spellcasting consistently successful. I'm going to tell you what they are and we're going to start with the first Key right now. So Mote It Be!

Well, Hello out there. My name is Sterling and I'd like to welcome you to My blog, The Raven’s Beak. Here we are going to talk about and teach actual magic, not stage, TV or movie magic. If this interests you, come on along and be a part of our community.

So what are the three keys of spellcasting? They're deceptively simple but the more skilled you become with them, the deeper you go with them, the more consistent your results will be.

The Three Keys are:

1) Relaxation

2) Concentration

3) Projection

Like I said, they seem simple and the concepts are. It's the doing of it well that takes work. I know because I've been practicing magic for over 35 years, I've done the work and I've gotten to the point where I have systems and methods that I know work. That said, I'd also like to say that there isn't only one way to practice magic; in fact, there are countless ways. A teacher of mine by the name of George Jackson had only one criterion for a method of the Art and that was "Does it work."

So, while there are many methods of practicing magic, I'm going to share ones with you that I know work, because I have used them.

On to the First Key, relaxation! Relaxation is important, as anyone teaching most anything will tell you. If you're tense and stressed, you simply can't do most things well. This is true with just about anything, from playing a sport to conducting a business meeting.

"OK," you say, "I took a deep breath and now I'm relaxed. What next?"

Sorry. folks. It's not that easy. We need to relax far deeper than that.

If you have a spell to cast, it's best to get all the influences of the day cleared away, because they can spoil your working. Imagine trying to cast a spell to meet a lover while you're still tweaked about the crap you went thru at work! So then, let's get rid of it. One of the best ways I've found is a hot relaxing bath, or at least a hot shower. Light a white or blue candle while you're at it. and if you have a favorite bath salt, toss that in the bath too. Make sure you won't be disturbed and slip into that hot bath, or climb into that hot shower, if that's what you're doing. Just enjoy it and let the warmth loosen you up.

As you do, visualize all the tensions and problems of the day melting out of you, from your head on down, and being absorbed by the water where it’ll flow down the drain. Feel them being replaced by the warm golden energy of the hot water, relaxing and releasing that tension until there’s none left.

When you come out of the shower or bath tub, dry yourself and get dressed in something soft and something comfortable, maybe a favorite set of sweats or a bathrobe. Sit down someplace comfortable and just breathe for a moment. Relax. Close your eyes.

KEY #1

Now we’re going to learn something I call “Breathing Square.” It’s a simple breathing pattern that will help you to relax, change the flow of thoughts through your mind, and prepare you for the magical work.

A breath is composed of 4 parts: an inhalation, a pause, an exhalation, a pause, and then it repeats. Your breathing will be in a series of 4-counts, one series for each part. It’s done in a relaxed pace, allowing you to settle into the pattern. At each pause, I you to want to simply keep your diaphragm still, holding the breath where it is, but not containing or trapping it.

So let’s start.

Inhale - 2 – 3 – 4.

It takes a little practice but it’s not very hard. With practice, you’ll find it an easy pattern to slip into and that in a few breaths, your mind relaxes and tension starts to drain out of your body. In a minute of this, you’ll be ready to proceed to Key #2.

KEY #2

The second key is concentration. You need to be focused on your spell or working to the exclusion of everything else. The ritual bath and Key #1 helps with this, stripping away outside influences. However. There are still INSIDE influences, the chattering of the mind. This is hard to control but necessary if you want any consistent success in your workings. Focus on your spell, the process of it, the way it’s constructed, what oils or incenses are being used and how they will add to the spell’s power. See the path that the power you are now raising will flow and bind the various parts of the working together, multiply its power and effectiveness, making the outcome inevitable and necessary. Arrange your mind so that there is no possibility of any outcome except the one you desire.

Continue building this mindset, adding power to the spell until it is at its peak. Then, at that point, it will be time for Key #3, Projection.

To use a sport analogy, think of yourself as a baseball pitcher preparing to throw a pitch. You’ve decided what pitch you will throw, taken the proper grip on the ball, set your body in the proper attitude, and focused on the path and location of the pitch. You’ve begun your motion towards the plate and set into action your entire body and mind to create the perfect pitch at the perfect placement. Only one thing remains.

KEY #3. Projection. Let the ball go.

I’ve seen so many aspiring magicians who cast a spell and won’t let the damn thing go! They do constant divinations to see how it’s working, rethinking the spell process and composition, and worrying if they should perform the spell again. LET IT GO!

If you plant a seed, you have to let it take form, in the dark where you can’t see it, not dig it up twice a day. Let it go. Cast the power of the spell out with a projecting word, a cry, so that the energy you’ve raised goes out from you. Burn a script with your spell’s intention written on it.

And then let out a great laugh, a huge belly laugh. A loud one. This will let the spell detach from your body and will, flying off to do what you’ve charged it to do. Take down the circle, if you’ve raised one, and go do something else. Anything else. And give no thought to it again for at least a month.

So there you are, the three keys to spellcasting. With practice, these keys will improve your spellcasting and ritual work greatly. But the key to the keys is practice. No skill is attained without practice.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope this was useful. Check back for new posts, as I’m aiming to have a new post every week. Please let me know in the comments if you have questions, opinions on this or if you have any questions or subjects that you’d like to see covered.

Blessings Bright and Dark,

Sterling Knight

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