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On the Condition of Being an Adept

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The dictionary definition of the word “adept” is “expert.” A magickal adept is a system analyst who specializes in the manipulation of potential and probability. Just as a computer programer devises route lines or programs to operate his information system, so does an Adept establish magickal rituals to bring his actions into play.

Now let’s explore some of the things it takes to become an Adept. Most of them are the same thing that will cause you to succeed in the mundane world. First, there is the Will to achieve your goals. Next, there is the dedication to a course of study that can, in all probability, be life long. Embracing this form is not easy. It is difficult. You must be able to open up your mind and discard or shelve many cherished biases. Your studies will take you into the past and forward into the future. You should be willing to put the knowledge you acquire into action.

There is a strong streak of pragmatism that runs through the character of a working Adept. He or she is a scientist in the field of metaphysics. The operational approaches in this field are many and varied. Many of the more successful approaches, such as Chaos Magick, are closely tied to the forms of mathematics and utilized in the hard sciences. This is combined with a working knowledge of human psychology and an undying desire to create and innovate.

One of the most pronounced characteristics of an Adept is an exercised and vivid imagination. Magick is both an Art and a Science. If nothing else, a practicing Adept is an artist. One of the abilities that must be developed is being able to visualize a path of action and it’s end result. The next thing that is required is to develop a technique to make it happen. A large part of course is about utilizing techniques and selecting the ones that work best for you. If you are dedicated, I do not doubt that you will find a path that suits your needs. Always keep in mind that change is the only constant.

I embrace a form that divides the phases of expertise of an Adept into ten levels. The following instances are my view of how these levels are established.

Level 1. After a period of study and practice, an individual experiences a point of initiation. Initiation is defined as a threshold of change in which we transition into a new growth in our magickal abilities. This state of initiation can be experienced as either very solitary, personal event or the more formal circumstances of acceptance into a coven or order.

Level 2. With continued study and practice an Adept enters into the teaching phase. When an Adept begins to aid others in magickal practices, the second level is usually attained.

Levels 3-7. These levels are attained through three related activities. First, the continued acquisition of knowledge and technique. Second, the continuation of guiding others in the magickal Arts. Third, the initiation and completion of a Great Work of Art. An example of a Great Work of Art is the creation of a coven or an order.

Level 8-10. This is not accomplished on the mundane plane. It falls within the realm of the Oversoul.

When the Adept has met the above-mentioned criteria there is usually a shift in Aspect and an increase in attributes. Aspect is the enhanced personal condition in which an Adept practices magick. This state is generally marked by a pronounced feeling of power and as extension of one’s personal perceptions. Attributes are the magickal abilities that one exercises while in this state. Being an Adept is almost totally about the ability to wield power, the ability to do magickal work.

As magickal talent varies with the individual, much like athletic or intellectual abilities, this title is seldom conferred on one by a coven or an order. It is almost always a realization that arises in the individual. A teaching Adept can recognize, to some extent, the attained levels of his or her students and relate this to them, but there generally is not a formal recognition after level 1 or 2.

With the heightened ability to wield power comes total responsibility for your Word and actions. You must enter into a state of Honor. Your Word is your bond. Follow these three rules:

If I say so, I will try.

If I say I shall, I will do.

If I say, “I promise,” I am bound.

Personal inconvenience does not enter into the picture in regards to these rules. To do other then this is either carelessness or lying. In metaphysics, there are penalties for both of these activities. Primary among them is the Death of Trust. If you wish to maintain your power levels as well as your integrity, do what you say you will do or erosion will set in.

Attached is a matrix of some of the significant events affecting the practice of Magick during the last century. Any additions that you wish to make will be appreciated.

George D. Jackson – Adept V



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